8:30 am
Starbucks: Seal Beach Blvd & Westminster: Seal Beach

The day started out cold and on the verge of rain. The perfect type of day for a hot cup of coffee, but maybe not as perfect for a photo shoot. We are committed though and Eric and I met at 8:30 to get our second word – again.

That’s right, our word is “again”. We couldn’t have planned this any better we initially thought. What if we just re-did what we did last time and capture the word inventing – again. A do-over. How perfect could that be if we didn’t like what we did last week? But we knew that we had to move on and create something new. After all, if we didn’t move on past the last shoot, it would go against what we set out to do – to create something within a set amount of time using only what we’ve been given. When it’s done, it’s done. Time to move on and let the limited timeframe be our motivation to decide what we will create. And then decide on one image to represent what that word meant to us at that moment.

So we started brainstorming. Once more. Another time. Repeating the process.

We walked around to see what we could capture as a way of showing “again”. Some of our images captured nature in the act of renewing itself, while others showed a shape or thing being repeated in a pattern. Again and again and again. Many interesting compositions and ideas were captured and it was tough to settle on just one. However, after editing things down, both Eric and I decided that one image represented the result of something that happened again and again and again. It was a unique look at an everyday object in a new light. The weathering and beating, to us, showed what “again” looks like.

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