minute:72 : pull

Starbucks: PCH: Sunset Beach

We came back to where it all began: the Starbucks in Sunset Beach. But the deja vu kicked in when we retrieved our word for the next 72 minutes – in. What? We’ve done that before and loved the image we got from it. We never anticipated that this would happen, so we had to make a new rule right there on the spot – should we get a word we’ve already done, we have to move to the 7th page of the paper’s next section and get the 2nd word on that page. The new word for today – pull.

Eric and I sat and brainstormed about the word. We knew what it was but we knew we would have to see if there was anything to it that we weren’t seeing at first.

Exerting force on something typically by moving them toward the origin of the force. To cancel or withdraw. To damage a muscle by strain.

Well, nothing more than what we thought, so we talked a bit more and decided to take off up Pacific Coast Hwy to see what we could associate with the word pull in a unique way. As we headed north, there were 2 older people waking toward us and the man was pulling a wheeled suitcase. I told Eric he needed to shoot him. After all, we could actually get someone in the act of pulling. Eric sat down on the side of the walk and tried to act nonchalant about capturing the people without them noticing. He was able to get one shot, our second of the day.

We had over an hour and a couple hundred photos to go, so we searched some more. We headed toward the ocean in search of capturing the ocean coming toward and getting pulled back away from the shore. We captured plants getting pulled toward the sun. Signs telling people how to open the door. We pulled a cover to reveal a portion of an old car. Things said pull all around us but we knew we would have to edit things to figure out the best way we could show the word.

When editing, we saw something more in the photo of the pedestrians. Was the man doing the pulling or was he the one being pulled?

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