Starbucks: Pine Ave : Long Beach

Today we decided to take minute:72 downtown Long Beach. We just felt that there’s more happening downtown and that we would be able to capture more life and action. After finding parking on the street we walked to the Starbucks on Pine Ave, grabbed some coffee and our inspiration word.

Our inspiration today: capture an image that represents: targets.

We were excited to receive a word like “targets”. It’s pretty specific as to what it means, which will give us something to aim for. Targets refers to something that’s the subject of an attack, or a mark at which someone fires or aims. Typically concentric circles or crosshairs are used when marking something that is targeted.

It looks like anything we aim the camera at will be a target, but we hoped to find something that either looked like a target or something that was targeting something else in some way. We had our work cut out for us, be we figured if we looked around enough, we’d be able to find something that represented the word “targets” well.

We left the Starbucks and started down Pine Ave. We were immediately met by the loud noise of construction from across the street. We saw workers jackhammering some concrete and decided to see if they’d let us shoot them using the concrete for their target practice.

The closer we got, the noise became more deafening and we could see pieces of concrete flying everywhere. Once we got closer, the workers stopped and looked nervous not knowing why we wanted to photograph them. We explained that were were just artists who wanted to get some photos of them jackhammering. They welcomed us to get close. Once we got closer, we noticed that the pattern on the ground contained circles and lines forming corsshairs – perfect for our inspiration. Eric used a wide angle lens and got in real close, capturing all the dust and action of the jackhammer targeting the concrete in a relentless attack.

We kept shooting and found many other ideas and objects to shoot – from birds to cars and buildings to people. But none was more fitting than the jackhammer.

We ended the shoot with a Periscope broadcast wrapping up our shoot.

minute:72 : targets


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