Starbucks: Bellflower Blvd : Long Beach

Eric and I were planning on meeting at a Starbucks in downtown Long Beach again today. But our plans got derailed once I got a flat tire and had to get it fixed first. Instead we ended up meeting somewhere near where I was, so we didn’t delay our minute:72 photo session any longer. Starbucks on Bellflower Blvd it was. Not our first choice, as it is located in a parking lot of a KMart across from a residential area. But we knew we had to work with what we had and make something work – perhaps there was some reason that we were being pulled from our original plans.

We grabbed a coffee and the top paper on the rack, the Los Angeles Times.
Page 7 – 2nd word: once.

On one occasion only. Or something that occurred in the past. Once. It seemed pretty clear to us that we had to capture something that used to be. Perhaps something that had at one time been the best, but now is no longer. Or something that can only be used on one occasion.

Off we went in search of our subject. At first it didn’t seem like we would find anything – all that was around us were cars in a parking lot and houses across the street. But we knew that if we didn’t cover some ground, we wouldn’t find much more.

We shot leaves that had once been alive, now on the ground without any green. We also found cars that were left sitting on the side of a house, not of much use any more. Then there was some litter, including a flattened beer can – used once, then discarded.

These things were fine and all, however we wanted something unusual. Then with about 10 minutes left in our 72 minutes, we passed a most peculiar house unlike any other in the neighborhood. It was intentionally clad in weathered wood. On its porch were broken birdhouses and other odd pieces of wood. But leaning against a large tree was a broken wagon wheel. It definitely said “once” to us. Almost even like the “once upon a time” kind of once, telling a story about the old wild west:

minute:72 : once


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