Starbucks: Bolsa Chica & Heil: Huntington Beach

It’s been a while and Eric and I have decided to make a comeback. We actually never really left – we just took some time off due to family and work. But we both realized that after a break, we really missed the unexpected challenges and situations we put ourselves in.

We met at a different Starbucks from any time before and grabbed the top paper in the paper stand. The weather was just clearing from an overnight rain, with the sun just starting to peek out from behind the clouds. It looks like we will be working with the lighting coming and going. Page 7, 2nd word: some. The clock starts.

some: is one of those words that has to be interpreted. An unspecified amount or a number of; at least a small amount. We were in search of a grouping of things. The rain drops served as an easy way to show a grouping. Rain drops were assembled on unbrellas, plant leaves, table tops, cars. All were options, but none was visually captivating.

As we surveyed the area some more, there was a shopping cart in an open parking lot. At first the lone cart in the empty lot presented an interesting photo opportunity, but it was only one and definitely not “some”. But it still seemed to beckon us. When we got closer we noticed that it was covered with rain drops clinging to maze of steel. The hiding sun poking out from behind a cloud was captured a countless number of times in each glistening raindrop. Eric and I both knew instantly that we hit the motherload.

some: minute:72

Only 30 minutes had passed. We talked and both thought it would be pretty hard to beat what we just shot. But there was still another 40 minutes that we had to dedicate to the word “some”. So we walked. But nothing.

We forced ourselves to think again about the word and in some twist of conversation, we found ourselves talking about looking at “some”thing. But that seemed too vague and almost a stretch. But then it hit us: we could show “all” of something… or through cropping, we could show “some” of something. So we were off. Time to crop and show some of something.

Cropping was interesting, but not really showing a whole image didn’t seem like enough. Until we came across an interesting puddle which showed some of the raised bumps at the end of the sidewalk. The reflections were captivating – almost like a window into another place. As time passed we captured some of what that window presented. Pedestrians, cars, and time passed until we hit 72 minutes. Time up. In the end there was one image of a passing car, but only some of it, that seemed to also represent the word to us.

In the spirit of the word, we couldn’t only show 1: instead we will present 2: some of what we got from the shoot.

some: minute:72

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