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So we meet again at Starbucks on Pine Ave in downtown Long Beach… we love exploring different areas in downtown, as they all offer something unique and interesting to shoot each day. The day started out overcast and cool – a perfect day for a coffee. As usual, we grab our coffee and the top paper in the rack to retrieve our inspiration word for the day.

Buyback: the time starts now. The buying back of goods by the original seller.

We brainstormed a bit about what kind of stores buy back items: pawn shops, car dealers, record stores…. We knew there weren’t any car dealerships nearby and the nearest pawn shop we found online was about 10 blocks away, however there was a favorite record store just about 4 blocks away that is famous for its used record selection – Fingerprints. We checked their hours and they didn’t open until 10am, so we figured we would create a plan first before heading there on foot. As we talked, we got excited that we could focus on one idea in a very specific place to get our image for this minute:72 photo shoot. It reminded us of the time we shot the word “spar” and we chose to focus our shoot at DG Boxing to create our image for that inspiration.

Fingerprints in Long BeachWe started walking toward Fingerprints and arrived at 10am on the dot. We talked to the Fingerprints staff and explained what minute:72 was all about and they were kind enough to let us shoot inside their store. We found tons of used records categorized by price, by genre, by alphabet… you name it. We also found lots of CDs and cassette tapes all bought back from users ready to be resold in the old brick building that’s characteristic of many buildings in downtown Long Beach. The selection was amazing and the lighting varied throughout the store – from fluorescent light to direct sunlight streaming in through a skylight to indirect light from the large front windows flooding areas with an even light. We knew we came to the right spot to illustrate the inspiration word, buyback.

Among the images captured, there were many that said “buyback.” However, one said it best and yielded an interesting textural image. We found stacks of used CDs, out of their wrappers and stacked on the floor. They weren’t ready for the sales floor, as they hadn’t been labeled with prices or sorted in any way. These were clearly in the process of being bought back.

Thank you, Fingerprints, for allowing us to capture today’s image inside your store!

To find out more about Fingerprints visit their website and if you like what you see, give them a big thumbs up on their Facebook page here, we did!

minute:72 : buyback

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