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Starbucks: 7th & Park: Long Beach

Yesterday was a rainy day and we weren’t sure if today was going to be dry or not. But we still kept our date to meet and do another minute:72. When we set out to do minute:72 we told ourselves that even though weather might not look good, we had to stick to our plan and we needed to deal with whatever came our way. Planning was something that we wanted to try and avoid so that we could rely solely on our creative instincts.

We met at the Starbucks at 7th and Park in Long Beach, right across from Recreation Park. I wore some crummy shoes because after the last minute:72, I didn’t know if I was going to be picking up trash like last time or stomping through mud from yesterday’s rain.

The word we were given was weather. It was a pretty good word since Long Beach actually got some action in its weather the day before. As we had done in the past, the first thing we did was turn on our iPhones and check for any meanings of the word we didn’t initially think of and then the weather report. It was 52 degrees and sunny. Rain water was still puddled on the ground, and although the sun was as bright as ever, there was still a crisp in the air from the winter storm that just passed through – for Long Beach, it was what we consider chilly.

We kicked around what we should shoot – the sun, the puddles, something that had been weathered as a result of time or the elements. Although we knew we would shoot all of these things we could find, we also wanted to try and capture what the weather at the moment felt like to us.

So off we went. We shot a lot. The Sun. Lingering rain drops on leaves. Puddles. The morning dew on the grass. The wet sand at the nearby lagoon. Found objects that had been left behind. Paint that had been cracked by too much sun over the years. All of these things said weather in one way or another, but they didn’t capture how the weather felt to us at that moment – except for one.

There was one shot that came about by chance. A shot that was supposed to be solely focused on a drop of rain water hanging on the bottom edge of a sign in the park. The background was supposed to be nondescript and blurred so all the focus was on that single drop. Instead the background in this one shot could be seen more than what was intended.

You can tell that the park beyond is still wet since the sign is still dripping. My old shoes were testament to this as they were plenty saturated from trudging across the wet grass. The glistening sun reflects the clarity of the sky but takes a back seat to the crispness in the single drop of water. And there is something about the metal sign and the way it cuts across the image with its cold grey textured finish. It almost seems as if it has goose bumps from the lingering chill.

This shot captures how the weather felt to us this morning.

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  1. I love this idea. So you do this every week? Every month? With a buddy? What about doing it alone? I most shoot weddings, portraits and babies, but I love the idea of photo art and I never have enough time to “fool around” with it.

    • We try and do it every week. Some weeks are tougher than others to get together. The 2 of us are using this project as a way to hone our brainstorming and creative skills and to put ourselves in situations we wouldn’t have been put in it without it. Some weeks, the photos turn out better than others – but either way, it’s also about the process and the journey, as you’ll see through the journal entries.

        • We picked 2 favorite numbers – Eric picked 7 and I picked 2. These numbers serve as the box within which we must create. 72 minutes is the amount of time we give ourselves to create something. When the time is up, we have to turn off the camera. 7th page, 2nd word is our inspiration for the 72 minutes. It makes us focus on one topic – mainly one that we can’t plan for and should change every time.


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