12:05 pm
Starbucks: Newport Blvd & 17th: Costa Mesa

Today we headed back to the same Starbucks location we were at last week when we photographed employees: We had told the people we photographed that we would be back to give them a photograph as a token of our appreciation for not thinking we were totally crazy (and for saying yes to being photographed.) So we met with 10 photographs in hand and figured that we would also do another 72 minutes at the same time that we handed out their photos.

Our word today is “approves”. Like usual, we set out to figure out how we were going to be inspired by this word. Unlike usual, we also had a mission to accomplish – hand out these photos.

As we walked to the donut shop, the site of our first photo last week, we talked about what to shoot. Shall we shoot the people receiving their photos and capture the smiles on their faces as they approve the shots? No – not interesting enough we thought. So we kept thinking and headed into the donut shop. Our first model remembered us immediately and smiled. We presented her with the photo and she did approve. We also shared with her some of the other photos we took and she recognized her neighbors who were also customers of hers. She was very grateful.

As we moved on to the other stops we kept talking and decided to take are more loose approach with what we shot. We were going to shoot whatever caught our eyes. Then edit all of the photos down to our top 5 and see what the minute:72 community approves through a vote on our Facebook page over the next week.

We captured hundreds of images. Looking both down and up, close and afar at everything we came across in that 72 mintues.

Our top 5 from that day provided a range of ideas and styles: The most interesting rug shop interior stacked high with rugsThe reflection of a bus in a gallery window that was proudly displaying a painting depicting an older scene of men riding horses. Hanging lights cutting across the front of a bright red building.  A billboard ladder straight above our heads. And the shapes of shadows and light in a narrow alley.


Today we wrapped up a week of voting and had amazing feedback and participation. The narrow alley photo was in the lead for a while, then the billboard ladder photo caught up and passed it toward the finish with a couple of extra votes coming in from Twitter. Thank you to everyone who participated. Here is the photo that the minute:72 community approves:

minute:72 : approves:

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