09:30 am
Starbucks: Main St.: Huntington Beach

Eric and I decided to hit the same Starbucks in Huntington Beach as last time. But to switch it up from the crowded lunch hour, we figured we’d try a morning to see if it would offer a different experience. And that it did. The morning started out overcast and dreary instead of the sun blasting down. Here is Southern California, we call it June gloom. And the scene was pretty void of people, except for those crowded inside the Starbucks.

We received our inspiration for the day’s shoot: members. A distinct part of a whole. An individual belonging to a group. A limb of a body. We knew instantly that we were going to have to think outside the box on this one. Although we were familiar with what members were, we knew that it needed more than a literal representation.

We set out on a different path than last time. Instead of hitting the main street, we went through the back alleys and side streets to see what new things we would encounter. We didn’t come across many people, but instead passed repair shops, random beach houses, storefronts in both exquisite and run-down condition, and plenty of interesting reflections and textures.

However, none of these things said “members” until we saw a lineup of trashcans in an alley. As one of our minute:72 fans put it on our Facebook page, they looked like a little group of members huddled behind a fence. This was exactly what we thought when we first saw them and it sent us in search of other subjects that could be looked at as a group of members. We captured many images, but only 4 made the short list of potential winners.

To help us decide, we figured that we’d enlist the members of the minute:72 Facebook and Twitter communities to give their feedback on their favorite “members” photo. The results are currently coming in and voting wraps up soon. It looks like we will have a winner.


We do have a winner – and there’s no question. One photo won with the second place photo far behind. The members have chosen their favorite representation of the word “members”. Thanks for your participation over the past week. We had fun watching the votes come in and we enjoyed all of your feedback. Here is our newest member to our minute:72 project:

members: minute:72

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