minute:72  :  singer

12:15 pm
Starbucks: Via Lido & Newport Blvd: Newport Beach

So we met in a different place – Newport Beach. And at a different time – lunch. The bright sun provided more warmth and shorter shadows than we had previously experienced. We thought a change of scenery and time might be good to keep things interesting. So we grabbed a sandwich and a coffee and checked the top paper in the rack – USA Today. Our word today is “singer”.

Eric and I sat down and brainstormed while we ate. Someone who sings. A Singer sewing machine. Birds. That was about it.

Being down near the boat docks and near a busy street didn’t really provide much in the way of any of these. So we turned to our iPhones and looked for any kind of antique or vintage shop that might repair clothing and might have a sewing machine. There was a vintage clothing store right across the street, so we went there to ask if they had a sewing machine. We didn’t get lucky.

So we thought that perhaps there might be a musician performing at the pier. It was our only hope and we figured it would be our best bet to capture “singer” in the next hour. With the pier .9 miles away, we quickly made our way. Along the sand all the way to the pier, we eyed people and asked ourselves if they could be used as a stand-in just in case there was no singer at the pier. Anyone could sing, right? But could they capture that image where you just know that’s what they do?

As we approached the base of the pier we could hear someone singing. We were in luck. At least we would have a subject. So we approached and surveyed the situation, listening to the music being created. He was pretty good and he played with passion. This was exactly what we were looking for.

We started a conversation with him and found out his name was Tim. And he was more than accommodating and didn’t mind us shooting him as he performed. Tim started up a nice rendition of the Beatles’ Come Together. He got up, walked around and felt every note he played as he moved and sang. Eric shot every angle as he belted out each word, capturing a singer.

Feeling comfortable that we accomplished what we set out to do, we dropped some money in his case, thanked him for his performance and headed back to our original location with a few minutes to spare.

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