Starbucks: Ball & Valley View : Cypress

It’s been a couple of weeks since we hit the streets and shot for 72 minutes. Spring break kept us from getting together… and now the rain is trying to keep us from shooting, but today we’re determined to keep it going and shoot rain or shine. And that we did. By California’s standards it was pouring, however by other parts of the world, I’m sure this was just classified as humidity.

Eric and I grabbed a nice hot cup of coffee and our word to serve as today’s inspiration:
Seemed pretty easy, as we knew what this meant and it shouldn’t be too difficult to grab photos of people or things going ‘to’ somewhere. But it started to rain harder and as we brainstormed inside the dry Starbucks with our hot coffee, we didn’t want to go anywhere.

After about 10 minutes we knew we had to get out there and see what we could find. I ran to my car and grabbed a hat, then we hit the street. We walked blocks and grabbed plenty of photos of cars which were about the only things going to somewhere out in this weather. We got lucky and were able to mix it up and also capture a few people with umbrellas out in the rain.

Further investigating brought us to a park with a basketball court, however nobody was out and about. There were some images captured of a tattered basketball net showing the trace of someone who dreamed of taking their skills further.

As we searched, the rain came and went and we ventured out further to get a glimpse of different surroundings. We came across an interesting payphone which probably hadn’t been used in quite some time. It didn’t say ‘to’ to us, however the image of its broken handset dangling by its wires served as an interesting subject.

We finally were stopped by a loud noise coming up the street – an ambulance. We froze and immediately turned toward it coming at us. All the cars at the intersection also stopped. Nobody was going to anywhere, except the ambulance. It’s as if time stopped for everyone except the ambulance driver. His ambulance was the only thing in the vicinity which was going ‘to’ anywhere. Eric panned as the ambulance tore through the intersection leaving everyone else around frozen in time.

minute:72 : to

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