8:30 am
Starbucks: PCH & Ximeno: Long Beach

Another cold morning in Long Beach – or as cold as it can be for Long Beach. A couple cups of coffee are just what we need to get us going. Eric and I met and did our usual download of how things are going and what kind of projects we were working on. And again we both agreed that this is one project that we both look forward to – something that we can rely on to be different every time and something that always surprises us.

Once our coffee came up we checked our word for the day, took a seat outside and started our timer. Out inspiration for today is “changes”.

Upon discussing different ways we could show changes through things that undergo a physical change like a leaf to the different cars that were being modified at the Pep Boys next door we decided that since the word was changes and not change, we had to show multiple things happening at once. What better way to show this than through a series of photos?

Then we had a minor debate. This was one thing we never thought to put a restriction on – can we do video? Or should we stick to still photos that represented the word? Since we wanted to try and keep this a photography project, we decided that we could only take still images. But if we stitched the separate images together into one final piece then a stop-motion animation could qualify.

It was decided. Now on to the project because time is ticking:

So, what is around us that is changing before our eyes? The intersection was changing constantly, the wind was changing the position of the palms across the street. But those things weren’t good enough we felt, so we resulted to walking around to see what was changing around us.

Construction. That was it! There was an apartment building around the corner that was under construction. It was being renovated and the scaffolding against its side created an interesting pattern with all the bars and shadows. But aside from the changes that the building was going through, we also observed the changes that were occurring right there on the scaffolding as the workers were constantly moving from one place to another during their work.

So we framed the camera on an area of the building and documented the changes that occurred during the next hour – click by click:
People changing positions. Windows opening and closing. Raking shadows slowly shifting position. And ultimately the building undergoing its biggest change since it was first built.


minute:72 : weather01:09:13
Starbucks: 7th & Park: Long Beach

Yesterday was a rainy day and we weren’t sure if today was going to be dry or not. But we still kept our date to meet and do another minute:72. When we set out to do minute:72 we told ourselves that even though weather might not look good, we had to stick to our plan and we needed to deal with whatever came our way. Planning was something that we wanted to try and avoid so that we could rely solely on our creative instincts.

We met at the Starbucks at 7th and Park in Long Beach, right across from Recreation Park. I wore some crummy shoes because after the last minute:72, I didn’t know if I was going to be picking up trash like last time or stomping through mud from yesterday’s rain.

The word we were given was weather. It was a pretty good word since Long Beach actually got some action in its weather the day before. As we had done in the past, the first thing we did was turn on our iPhones and check for any meanings of the word we didn’t initially think of and then the weather report. It was 52 degrees and sunny. Rain water was still puddled on the ground, and although the sun was as bright as ever, there was still a crisp in the air from the winter storm that just passed through – for Long Beach, it was what we consider chilly.

We kicked around what we should shoot – the sun, the puddles, something that had been weathered as a result of time or the elements. Although we knew we would shoot all of these things we could find, we also wanted to try and capture what the weather at the moment felt like to us.

So off we went. We shot a lot. The Sun. Lingering rain drops on leaves. Puddles. The morning dew on the grass. The wet sand at the nearby lagoon. Found objects that had been left behind. Paint that had been cracked by too much sun over the years. All of these things said weather in one way or another, but they didn’t capture how the weather felt to us at that moment – except for one.

There was one shot that came about by chance. A shot that was supposed to be solely focused on a drop of rain water hanging on the bottom edge of a sign in the park. The background was supposed to be nondescript and blurred so all the focus was on that single drop. Instead the background in this one shot could be seen more than what was intended.

You can tell that the park beyond is still wet since the sign is still dripping. My old shoes were testament to this as they were plenty saturated from trudging across the wet grass. The glistening sun reflects the clarity of the sky but takes a back seat to the crispness in the single drop of water. And there is something about the metal sign and the way it cuts across the image with its cold grey textured finish. It almost seems as if it has goose bumps from the lingering chill.

This shot captures how the weather felt to us this morning.