Starbucks: Inside Pavilions: Seal Beach

We met up at the mini Starbucks inside Pavilions for a second time. Learning from our first time there that they don’t have papers, we immediately headed over to CVS where they do have papers to grab our inspiration word for the day. While we’ve done this before, one first for our minute:72 today was that Eric’s son joined us – the first time we’ve had someone along to watch our creative forces at work 🙂

We got our word: has

This was one of those words that we figured we could take in different directions. The act of someone or something possessing something. All we had to do was find things or people that fit that description. As we weaved up and down the streets around Seal Beach, we took many photos, but none of them seemed to represent our word well. So we headed toward the beach and went up on the pier. Looking down below was a surf school in session. Surfboards were scattered all over the beach and kids were wiping out left and right, so you couldn’t say that any one kid has a wave or even a surfboard. And then we saw a girl who actually had a surfboard, carrying it back up the beach at the end of her session. And then she was joined by a friend. We definitely could say each girl “has” a surfboard. We captured that moment.

We went on looking for more. As we searched, we came across a most-interesting telephone pole. We didn’t find it interesting until we came up really close to it. From afar it was just a telephone pole, but as we moved closer it was much more. It displayed a skin of rusty staples, nails and screws that once held signs, advertisements, and other notices over the years. We thought to ourselves that if this pole could talk, then it has many stories to tell.

minute:72 : has