Starbucks: Pine Ave : Long Beach

It’s always good to get out and shoot. And both Eric and I felt that way when we met for today’s minute:72.

The morning in downtown Long Beach was overcast and chilly with the sun warming us up only when it decided to peek out from behind the clouds. Even though the light was flat, it was good to get out and see what we could produce with what was around us and given the inspiration of the day.

We picked up the top paper in the rack as we always do and flipped to the 7th page where the 2nd word waiting for us was: manager.

Already knowing what manager meant, we still looked it up online to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Manager – a person responsible or in control. Taken literally we could find people at their jobs who are managers, but we knew we had to dig a little deeper and try to capture an image that represents what managing is all about. We brainstormed a bit and figured that there were lots of things around us every day that manage us or control us in one way or another, thus being a manager in its own right – for example, the street lights, street signs, and the lines on the roads all keep us in line when out on the street.

We were on the hunt to find those things effectively doing their job. We shot people moving through intersections, the lights controlling them, gates that contain and control us in one way or another, and lots of other things managing something.

Out of all the photos we took, probably the most interesting image we got was of one telephone pole which was working extra hard at managing all that was going on around it. It stood there above the rooftops routing intersecting wires, serving as the vision for the street below by supporting a streetlight, managing the load of all the electrical by hanging transformers from its top, and clearly the one in charge when it came to this corner of Long Beach.