Starbucks: Marina Pacifica: Long Beach

The day started out clear and brisk with a slight breeze in the air. Eric and I met at Starbucks in Marina Pacifica, right on the edge of the water near some boat docks. It really couldn’t have been a better day to be outside. We grabbed a coffee and the top paper in the stand and got our inspiration word for the day: seized.

To take possession of. To become stuck or jammed, as in a machine. To have possession of.

Inspired by “seized” we knew what we had to do. Off we went in search of something that has taken possession of something else. Or we could stop something in motion, seizing it in time through photograph. We had to search the area around us to see what we had to work with. We found some bushes with leaves unable to move, being caught in a spider’s web. We captured this a few different ways with the sun glistening in the webs.

Down to the docks we went where we were actually greeted by exactly what you would expect: water and boats. Not much else. No action on a Tuesday morning. Nothing moving except the breeze which is hard to see, much less photograph. We had to figure out something so we went around a corner to see what other docks would hold for us.

We came across an older gentleman washing his boat. Water drops were getting blown from the spray of his hose. Time to seize those drops.

seizing the dayAfter spending some time capturing the spraying water, we knew we needed other options so we went down the docks to see what else we could find. The sun’s reflections on the water yielded some interesting shots but nothing was saying “seized” just yet.
Until: one leaf floated down in front of us. The surface of the water immediately stopped its downward motion and held it on its surface. It was interesting to us how the surface tension just stopped it from sinking or moving from the wind: it seemed like it just stopped in time.

minute:72 : seized