Starbucks: 7th & Park : Long Beach

Eric and I met today for another minute:72. It’s been a while since we’ve both been busy with our businesses. But we finally got back together to challenge ourselves once again.

We grabbed the top paper in the rack and had to move a couple sections to get to a 7th page without an ad. Finally landing in the sports section, the second word on that page was: players.

Simple enough. Those who play a game or instrument. Or those who are skilled at manipulating others. Looking around us, there were options – lots of sporting locations: baseball, golf, tennis and lawn bowling. We thought of different angles to take – shooting actual players of a game or even the equipment they use that implies there are players there.

As we approached the local baseball field, there was nobody there. No players, only little gaps in the fence to see where players compete. Not much to see there. Next up were the tennis courts… again nobody to be seen. But a gate was open and Eric shot a few photos of some tennis balls in a ball machine. We ere hoping our luck would change at the lawn bowling greens.

As we approached the lawn bowling greens there was nobody at the first ones we came across. Could this also be a bust?

We continued to another and then another still where we finally found a handful of people playing lawn bowling. We went into the gate and sat on the perimeter benches and took a few photos. The lady who runs the greens approached and we explained our project. She was more than accommodating and even invited me to try my hand at lawn bowling. Not as easy as it looks, yet it was a lot of fun.

As I bowled, Eric grabbed some images of the experience. Our favorite image is actually an image of the players who are partially blocked by an object in the foreground. You still know they’re there, but what’s plainly visible are their lawn bowling balls focusing on the act of playing.

minute:72 : players